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Human Resource Mgt.

We are known for our expertise in managing human resources, we have the capacity, license and wealth of experience gathered over the years to practice and offer service in every aspect relating to Human Resource Management

Digital Engagement

For everything you need to dominate online, we are able to provide. We provide digital services such as website development, content development/copy writing and web marketing.


To further develop your expertise and increase your ability to suceed, we provide training programs, organize seminars & workshops, intenships. We also provide in-house training programs and mentoring and coaching sessions.


With our informed knowledge of the market and industry, we provide all forms of E-marketing, online and offline marketing to enable you reach your market and achieve much more.

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What else we provide?

Manpower Outsourcing

You don’t have to bother with the stress of having employees, you can outsource your entire HR services to us!

Employee Compensation & Benefits

We help you compute and prepare staff related expenses such as payroll, pensions, allowance etc.


We can take you from being irrelevant to being what your perfect customer exactly needs, works like magic!

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Who we are?

Ellasot consulting has stepped in, to bridge the gap for organizations, individuals and SMEs,creating opportunity for them to learn and understand new concepts while running their businesses, thereby delivering values and maximizing profit.

  • We exceed customers expectations in our service delivery
  • We treat our customers with the courtesy and respect they deserve
  • We are professionals, we work with integrity and quality in mind
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