Human Resource Management

Ellasot is an organization known for its expertise on managing human resources and employees at the work place . We have such capacity and capability as a result of training and are therefore licensed to practice; we also have wealth of experience gathered over the years.

Our service offerings cover every aspect of human resource management;

  1. Manpower Outsourcing
  2. Recruitment/Selection /Placement
  3. Training And Development
  4. Compensation And Benefit Plans And Strategies
  5. Performance Management 
  6. Change Management 
  7. Succession Planning

Manpower Outsourcing

Ellasot is a support service provider and a supplier of competent and skilled manpower to entrepreneurs/business/organizations who wants to focus on their core business line and not saddle their organization with the burden of managing and developing an unnecessary huge number of employee.

We attract, screen and select the right job candidate with the right skills, competences and abilities to achieve our clients objectives on the job and also our client's organizational goals.

Performance Management

Ellasot consulting takes this aspect very seriously because of our understanding  of the importance of performance on the objectives, goals and visions of every organization, therefore we have the right tools and management strategies to bring about increase in productivity of employees, maximizing their talents and engaging them fully.

Change management, succession planning, talent management, engagement and retention among others are the services.

Training & Development

The importance of training and development of employees cannot be over-emphasized based on return of investment and the leverage it will give to your business. This is due to the increase in capacity and capability of employees which in turn creates desired results on performance and productivity. Our training ranges from human capacity building, leadership training for managers and decision makers, public relations and customer service ettiteques.

Compensation and Benefits

We equally provide services, payroll, pensions, allowance, bonus and other employee entitlements using the right tools and international best practices standards.